Florida coach Dan Mullen isn’t sure that Tim Tebow can play tight end in the NFL, but he does like Tebow’s versatility.

He likened Tebow’s flexibility to a scene from Liam Neeson’s “Taken” — Tebow has “a particular set of skills,” so to speak.

“I never put anything past Tim of doing things” Mullen told reporters this week. “We’ll see. I’m not there so I think he could. He’d be an interesting guy in that position because I think he brings different value of a guy that has a different skill set, right? It’s a guy who has developed a unique set of skills through the years that makes him very dangerous to people like them.

“What’s that movie? Liam Neeson, Taken? You want to be a guy with a unique set of skills.”

That’s probably the first time Tebow has ever been compared to Neeson’s character in “Taken.” Mullen was Tebow’s offensive coordinator during his most of run with the Gators from 2006-09.

The Jags are in the middle of training camp, and Tebow is fighting for a roster spot under former Florida coach Urban Meyer. He hasn’t played in the NFL since he quarterbacked the New York Jets in 2012. He ended his professional baseball career earlier this year.

The Jaguars play in their first preseason game on Saturday vs. the Cleveland Browns.