Dan Mullen has increasingly faced questions about Florida’s recruiting, and that came up again on Monday following the bye week where coaches typically get out more.

Mullen said Florida had coaches all over recruiting during the bye week, but wouldn’t confirm if he left to recruit or who went where.

“I’m not going to get into any of that stuff,” he said, and declined to reveal if he went out. “Not getting into that.”

Mullen said that the recruiting budget is something they’ll discuss and look at with the administration, but he added that Florida officials don’t waste money, and he doesn’t believe that throwing money at things will solve every problem. He pointed to the fundraising efforts toward facilities as another area of focus for the athletics department and university.

For context, Mullen is still under a show clause with the NCAA because of recruiting violations. Mullen cannot recruit on the road this fall and has 4 more days to serve after the fall period.

H/T Nick de la Torre, Ethan Hughes, Ryan Haley.