The college football community is still in learning mode when it comes to the changes in name, image and likeness.

At SEC Media Days, Florida coach Dan Mullen was asked about an in-state ACC program when he met with local reporters. Earlier this month, it was revealed that American Top Team, a mixed martial arts academy with 44 licensed gyms, will offer $500 a month to all of Miami’s scholarship players for things like social media posts and personal appearances.

When Mullen was asked about the deal for Hurricanes’ players, he had a question of his own, per Matt Baker of the Tampa Bay Times.

“Is that legal?” Mullen responded.

Per Baker, Mullen elaborated that his biggest concern with NIL deals is following Florida state law.

“I think if it is, there’s obviously going to be a lot of Gators support and there (are) people to do it. My biggest deal is, how do we make sure that is legal,” Mullen said. “… I don’t need to find myself in prison for violating rules that we’re not sure that I’m even violating.”

Presumably, UF’s compliance department is studying up on NIL while Mullen focuses on Xs and Os.