Dan Mullen understands how his job security will be a point of discussion going forward as he has made changes on his coaching staff, and fired 2 long-time assistants. How will his position affect his ability to attract new assistant coaches.

Mullen was asked if he felt any pressure from Athletics Director Scott Stricklin to make the moves.

“No, I will say this, our administration here does a unbelievable job, the support they give us,” Mullen said. “Scott, I have a great working relationship with Scott, and when you look at what we’re doing now, the work we’re putting in, obviously we’d love everything to be extremely accelerated where we have the facility like most teams in the country built up and we get kind of caught up to where everybody is in college football.”

Mullen said the moves were certainly something he discussed with Stricklin, but there certainly wasn’t any pressure, “The decision was mine. I’m the head coach so I bear all of it, it’s on my shoulders. I’m the one that’s responsible for this program. I’m the one that’s responsible for this team and how we go perform.”

Mullen also said his conversations with Stricklin include that the AD is confident that Mullen will get things fixed.

Mullen was also asked about attracting new assistant coaches under a cloud of uncertainty about his future.

“This is Florida,” he said. “I mean I think there’s a long list of people that want any job they can get here at Florida in any aspect.”