Florida coach Dan Mullen had a busy Sunday. From being active in meetings following the loss at Texas A&M and trying to prepare for LSU, Mullen saw two of his former players in the NFL have emotional days themselves as Alex Smith returned to the field and Dak Prescott suffered a horrific injury.

Mullen recalled on Monday what the day was like for him.

“Finally, I pick up my phone after meetings and look that Alex Smith is back on the field. Very emotional deal I know to see him back out there knowing everything he’s been through, knowing the fight, the battle he’s been through,” Mullen said, referring to Smith bouncing back from his own terrible leg injury. “A special moment for him, his family, for everybody, probably one of the great comeback stories in NFL history if not sports history coming back from an injury like that. So I thought that was so special.”

Then not long after, Mullen heard that Prescott had dislocated his ankle playing against the New York Giants.

“You see it right away and then you just know what it is unfortunately. Very unfortunately, I’ve seen a couple of those before,” Mullen said. “You know what it is as soon as it happens. We sent him messages and stuff and our prayers are with him out there. Despite everything else going on, the emotional day of seeing the rollercoaster of both of those guys, are former players that you care about, you love so much. So them and their families and everybody to have to go through that is a pretty crazy day.”