Florida appears to be on the right track with how it’s handling the coronavirus as a football team. Coach Dan Mullen reported on Tuesday that the Gators have had zero COVID-19 cases since July.

Students return to campus at the end of the month, and Mullen reiterated that the players and staff must continue to be cautious.

“We gotta be smart in our decision making, we gotta be smart in what we do,” Mullen said, according to Nick de la Torre of Gator Country. “We’ve shown that playing football is safe, now we have to make smart decisions when we’re not playing football.”

Mullen added that while wearing a mask makes it harder to communicate and “coaching is teaching.” He performed blowing a whistle with a mask on for reporters to show how it’s done.

Mullen said TE Kyle Pitts is “the tight end you want: Is he a receiver, is he a blocker?’ and added that Pitts made a spectacular leaping catch today. “It was ridiculous.’

In terms of another weapon on offense, Mullen said Malik Davis has been a good receiver out of the backfield.

Mullen added that Florida is still waiting on the waiver for Penn State transfer WR Justin Shorter.