Florida coach Dan Mullen will face a team this week in Ole Miss that features a quarterback he tried to recruit, except at a different position.

One of the fastest players in the SEC, Ole Miss QB John Rhys Plumlee was not pegged as a QB, according to Mullen. Mullen said he was first to offer Plumlee.

“He is an explosively fast player,” Mullen said. “I think we actually were looking at him as a corner when he first came up. He wasn’t starting at quarterback, he was playing DB, and he can fly. He has elite, elite, elite speed. He’s a gamebreaker, can break a game open at any time I don’t think we have anybody as fast as him on our team.”

Asked how Plumlee measures up with former Gator C.J. Henderson, who is now playing in the NFL, Mullen said Plumlee is faster than Henderson.

Mullen also added that Ole Miss QB Matt Corral can extend plays, so it will be a strain to play to the whistle every single snap.

“Don’t just assume,” Mullen said. “A lot of times in practice, you’re like, ‘Hey, I had him, hey, that would have been a sack, we can’t assume those things. We got to get 11 guys running to the ball as hard as we can every snap.”