Florida coach Dan Mullen faced a lot of questions, and had plenty of explanations on Monday for why the Georgia game on Saturday didn’t go the way the Gators wanted.

One was a controversial catch early in the game on third down by Georgia WR Lawrence Cager. Cager caught a 12-yard pass with six yards to go to get the ball to the Florida 10-yard line. The play was reviewed after it appeared that the ball hit the ground during the catch, but officials approved the play as a catch. Georgia went on to score a touchdown on the drive.

Mullen said he has tremendous respect for officials and they do a heck of a job with “one of the toughest jobs” because both fans bases don’t like them after the game usually. Mullen was asked if he’s heard from the SEC office in Birmingham, Alabama about the call.

“I’ve not gotten any word, we’ve asked,” Mullen said at his weekly press conference. “You’d have to ask them that that decision was made in Birmingham on that play. I’ve asked, I haven’t heard anything from them. I guess you’d have to ask what their motive is for making the decision the way they did in Birmingham. That had nothing to do with on-the-field officials.”