Florida returned to regular activities on Monday as the Gators tried to get back to normal following a shutdown of the program amid a COVID-19 outbreak.

Coach Dan Mullen said the Gators will have at least 53 players available for Missouri game, which is the SEC minimum. He didn’t elaborate on how many players would be available on Monday, or if a player was hospitalized last week.

“We’ll see,” he said about practice. “I’m not going to get into specifics of that.”

Overall, Mullen said the players did not have any major health issues because of COVID-19 infections.

“We’ll let everyone know who’s available on Saturday like we have done all year,” Mullen said.

Mullen, who announced that he had a positive test on Oct. 17, said he’s feeling pretty good and that his symptoms were minor. The toughest part of battling the virus was being isolated from his family in his house. He said the protocols would remain in place as they have all season, and he admitted again that staff figured that Florida had the virus spread on the trip to Texas A&M.

“We always knew travel would be one of the biggest challenges,” Mullen said, and noted that Florida only has two true road games remaining. “… We had so few numbers that have had it, it was able to spread around our team. If you look around the league, we’re still on the low end of positive cases around the team.”

With road games, it comes down to a cramped environment in visiting locker rooms.

“You’re putting the same number of players in 25 percent of the space,” he said.