For the Florida fans able to make it to The Swamp, one of the highlights of the game was seeing UF coach Dan Mullen jumping up and down on the field (facing the stands) to pump up the crowd. The display of energy and enthusiasm on the sideline, something that had been missing for a few years, was well received.

On Twitter, the clip is currently the pinned tweet on the Florida football team’s official account. The short video already has 177,000 views and counting.

The moment came up Monday during Mullen’s press conference with the local media.

“What I wanted to do is make sure everybody understands… in the crowd, all the students, Gator Nation … I want to make sure they remember how critical they are,” Mullen said.

He added that since he’s on the field and at a distance from the fans, it was his way of communicating for them to get on their feet.

Mullen went on to call the sold-out crowd in The Swamp “deafening” and “intimidating.” He recognized that the band and the students helped set the tempo.