Ahead of the 2020 college football season, the NCAA made some changes to the rules. Florida coach Dan Mullen says his follow his “namesake” rule, even though he thinks it is “ridiculous.”

Under Mullen, Gators players have not sported their jersey numbers during pregame on-field warmups. A new NCAA rule says players must now wear their jersey number while out on the field inside 90 minutes before the game.

The rule came up during a Zoom call with reporters on Friday.

“The Dan Mullen Rule. I think that is horrendously ridiculous … that’s my rant on it,” Mullen said, per UF in-house reporter Scott Carter.

“I’ll abide by the Dan Mullen Rule. We’ll put some numbers somewhere,” Mullen added, per Carter.

Nick de la Torre of Gator Country shared an amusing exchange. Associated Press reporter Mark Long suggested that rival Georgia turned Mullen and the Gators into the NCAA. Mullen had an interesting response.

Florida beat reporter Thomas Goldkamp of 247Sports wrote in July of the rule change and Mullen’s practice, noting it dates back to 2014 at Mississippi State.

For those wondering, here is how the rule reads:

When any Squad Member enters the playing enclosure prior to the officials escorting the captains out for the coin toss, the head coach or an assistant coach from that team must be present on the field. Furthermore, when any Squad Member is present within the playing enclosure subsequent to the officials’ jurisdiction, they must be wearing their jersey or have their numeral readily visible. Players without their numeral readily visible must leave the playing enclosure.