Dan Mullen was the subject of a segment on “SEC Nation” on Saturday morning on the SEC Network as the Florida coach continues to face heat from fans, amid losses in big games and underwhelming recruiting.

“I think it’s mostly frustration,” Finebaum said, per Swamp247. “If you didn’t know who Dan Mullen was you would have thought these fans were talking about a coach with a .300 winning percentage. He is an extraordinary coach, but he has some issues. He has to get past them.”

The Gators have several winnable games down the stretch, including Saturday night at South Carolina.

“I think there is still an optimism, and Tim (Tebow) was talking about this yesterday with us, that there’s a lot to overcome down there but there’s a good path,” Finebaum said. “Right now, I would say Dan Mullen needs to avoid a loss tonight. Because that would be a shocker, but it would also just unleash these natives even more.”

Meanwhile, SEC Network analyst Jordan Rodgers said the final score in the Georgia game was a bit misleading.

“Look, I think this is a game that Florida is a better football team,” Rodgers said. “But I want to go back to the Georgia game, because I think I just heard there (from Finebaum callers) a blowout loss and all these things. This game was a lot closer than the final scoreboard showed. If you’re not a football player, you don’t understand how that can happen.

“But Florida’s defense went 28 minutes without allowing anything until Florida’s offense gave it to Georgia three plays in a row. That’s all it was. Then to start the second half with another 28 minutes with holding them to nothing, as well. So all the scoring happened in the final two minutes of the first half and the second half, and I get it, they’re still touchdowns. Totally. But this team played a lot better and did everything to help Georgia out.”

Tebow recalled some comments from his Friday segment on The Paul Finebaum Show, and said again that a few plays here and there that could improve the Gators’ standing.

“I mean I don’t even think he’s just a good coach, I think he’s a really good coach that if he had a couple breaks one year he could go to a great coach,” Tebow said. “He’s the best coach in Mississippi State history, then he comes to Florida. What’s he had, three 10-win seasons already? That’s pretty good. He’s one or two plays away from beating Alabama in the SEC Championship Game last year.