Dan Orlovsky is a big fan of Florida QB Anthony Richardson, and in several ways, Richardson stands out among college quarterbacks.

Richardson and the Gators will take on Utah this week, and his development and progress from last season will be on full display. Orlovsky shared detailed thoughts about Richardson during a segment with “McElroy and Cubelic In the morning” on WJOX out of Birmingham, Alabama.

“I love this kid’s talent, I’m not putting him more talented than some of the cats that play on Sundays,” Orlovsky said. “I will give you I think he’s the most physically gifted and intriguing quarterback in college football this year.”

Orlovsky brought up the Florida-Kentucky game, and Florida-South Florida game last year.

“I think he’s outrageously athletic,” the ESPN analyst said. “He has a powerful arm, but I love that he seems to be a natural thrower of the football, easy thrower, effortless thrower, which I think is rare for some of these quarterbacks we see that are crazy athletic.”

Orlovsky said Richardson is getting a coach that’s “incredibly bright and innovative” in the way he uses quarterbacks.

“So I’m beyond excited to watch him, not only Saturday night, but this season,” he said.