Danny Kanell is known as one of the biggest SEC critics in college football media, and he was recently asked about how his long-standing opinions might change if Florida State, where he played, joins the league.

The Seminoles have long been rumored as a possible expansion candidate for the SEC. That has picked up recently with talk by Florida State leaders about how much it would cost to leave the ACC.

Kanell explained his position recently with Crain & Company.

“I don’t know what the future holds, but I guarantee you one thing,” he said. “You will never hear me chanting SEC! SEC! Never. You will never see me rooting, like if Florida State’s in the SEC, I’m supposed to root for the Gators, that would never happen, or any other team in the SEC. I will only, just the way it’s always been, I will only root for Florida State. Because that’s all you’re supposed to do. Rooting for your conferences is for losers. Those are always the people that chant the loudest. It’s the South Carolinas, the Kentuckys, Tennessee recently, it’s all the teams that have no success. They all want to jump on there and start claiming the titles of the conference because they don’t have one. Will never see that.”