The Florida offense has opened up in the weeks since Kyle Trask took over for Feleipe Franks at quarterback.

Trask and Franks have similar passing numbers, both more than 640 yards and completed at least 76 percent of their passes. They each have five touchdown passes, while Franks has three interceptions to Trask’s two.

However, ESPN analyst David Pollack outlined what Trask brings to the offense that sets it apart.

“The strength at Florida is their wide receiving corps, and I think y’all know that. Y’all are watching,” Pollack said, according to Swamp247. “It’s not the offensive line. Their running game isn’t their strength. So I think Trask does a good job and I think the offense is better with him throwing the ball down the field. He throws the ball better down the field, I think he’s got pocket presence more. He’ll hang in there and look to throw. His first reaction is throw, not run, so I think it fits the offense better with him at quarterback.”

Pollack also praised Trask’s decision to stay with the program and not transfer despite losing the starting job. It’s a decision that goes against the general behavior in society these days, he added.

Trask will get a tough challenge at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday against Auburn.