Kyle Trask cemented himself square in the Heisman Trophy conversation with his performance against Georgia’s top defense.

Trask surgically dissected the Bulldogs’ defense and torched them for 474 yards and 4 touchdowns. Trask did have a pick-six; however, that was long forgotten once the onslaught was on.

ESPN analyst, and former Georgia All-American, David Pollack says that Trask should be arrested for the assault he put on UGA’s defense.

“Kyle Trask this past weekend against Georgia, it was abuse,” Pollack said Wednesday on College Football Live, via 247Sports. “He should be arrested for it, it was assault. With Kyle Trask it’s the poise, the composure, it’s the strength in the pocket to shrug people off and continue to play. He’s learned so much from taking over a year ago to now, to proving to the point where I think teams are gonna look at him in the NFL and think ‘I might could build around this guy and maybe build a future.’ That’s how much he’s improved.”

The Florida quarterback is having a huge season. He’s thrown for 1,815 yards, 22 touchdowns and 3 interceptions, and he’s connecting on nearly 69 percent of his passes.

Trask’s arm strength may be in question, but his footwork within the pocket, decision-making and accuracy have been top-notch. It’s boosted him into the first-round NFL Draft conversation, too.

From high school backup quarterback to one of the nation’s top signal callers, Trask’s rise has been a story within itself.