Even the best college football players in the country go through some sort of learning curve when they enter the NFL.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that former Florida CB Teez Tabor, the Detroit Lions’ second-round pick, has struggled early in training camp.

The ex-Gator gave up several touchdowns over the weekend during simulated game scenarios, causing him to throw up his hands in frustration after a couple of bad plays.

However, according to MLive.com, veteran CB Darius Slay is making it his mission to keep Tabor’s confidence up and help him figure out how to play in the NFL. Slay, a former Mississippi State star, said playing cornerback at the highest level is about making sure you don’t let bad plays get in your head:

“My group’s got swag, so we don’t lose no confidence. We’re very swaggish. We play the next play, and that’s what we do,” Slay said.

“It’s a game. You’re going to give up some plays, but just move on.”

Lions coach Jim Caldwell also isn’t too concerned about Tabor’s recent struggles, saying Tabor is still learning how to play cornerback at the NFL level:

“You’re matched up against guys that are running forward while you’re running backwards. I think that kind of says it all,” Caldwell said. “But to have the balance and the quickness to be able to offset some of the fastest players in our league is difficult.”

It’s still early, and the Lions haven’t even had their first preseason game yet, so there’s still time for Tabor to adjust to the speed of the NFL. He’ll have every opportunity to earn playing time this month, so Slay is right that it’s important for him to keep moving forward and forget about bad plays in the past.