How radically different will Dan Mullen change up the offense in Gainesville this offseason with Kyle Trask off to the NFL and Emory Jones likely to be the next starting quarterback for the Gators?

Not as much as you may think.

While we’ve already started to see more QB-designed runs this spring in the brief glimpses the team has provided of practice via Instagram videos, Mullen was asked to share his early thoughts on how Jones has looked this spring.

Based on Mullen’s comments, the starting position in Gainesville is currently Jones’s to seize. Here is what Florida’s coach had to say regarding what he’s like from Jones this spring.

“I think his maturity and understanding of what we expect out there on the field. His grasp of the offense, I think is really good,” Mullen said on Monday. “And then his ability to, if we do make changes on the run – say hey, we wanted to look at things this way, now we are going to try and change them a little bit. His ability to adjust to that is really good.”

What about those that believe Jones doesn’t have the arm to excel in the offense?

“I haven’t heard that,” Mullen replied.

Does that mean Mullen has confidence in Jones’s ability as a passer?

“I feel confident. He has a cannon for an arm. I mean, he’s got a cannon for an arm, so, I don’t know who would say that,” Mullen continued. “Maybe there’s somebody out at practice, watching practice, that has more expertise than me that’s letting you know those things. But I’m pretty confident in what he can do.”

If you missed it, that was Mullen’s not-s0-subtle way of saying no one on the Gators practice field has a better eye for QB talent than him.