In today’s college football, finding patience from a backup quarterback is a rare thing.

But, the Florida Gators seem to find it all over. Kyle Trask waited his turn. Then, he was a Heisman finalist in 2020.

Emory Jones was his backup. Having waited his turn in Gainesville since he arrived in 2018, Jones is now the favorite to win the starting job for 2021. After the first spring practice session on Thursday, Jones admitted it was difficult to wait his turn at times (via 247Sports):

“It was tough going through all the years just playing a couple plays,” he said. “It definitely was tough, but just going in made me confident. So I’ve just been working my tail off every year just trying to get better. That’s all I’m focused on.”

In 3 years in Gainesville, Jones has run for 514 yards and 6 touchdowns. He has also thrown for 613 yards, 7 touchdowns and 1 interception.

Can he put together a big year in 2021? We’ll see how he looks this spring!