Evan McPherson made a name for himself on Saturday for not only kicking the 52-yard game-winning field goal to boost the Cincinnati Bengals over the Tennessee Titans. But he called his shot before hand on the sideline.

McPherson shared why he was confident during an interview on Monday with Dan Patrick.

“I think that’s probably one of the most important things for a kicker to have, is confidence,” McPherson said. “So just to challenge myself with something like that, was big for me, and just to know going out there that I had confidence in myself, my teammates have confidence in me to go out there and hit it.”

McPherson himself shared the comment that teammates told in the post-game media session, and he described that he told Brandon Allen, “Welp, looks like we’re going to the AFC Championship Game.”

“I didn’t want to go into overtime, honestly,” he said. “I think our team deserves to end it here, to not play more football. To kind of get rest and kind of get ready for the next game. So that’s the least I could do.”

McPherson, who was drafted in the fifth round, No. 149 overall out of Florida, also noted that he could have made it from 60 yards out.