Kyle Pitts was a player to watch ahead of the 2022 season, but his stat line hasn’t been quite what some initially were hoping for.

Over the first two games of the season, Pitts has caught four passes for 38 yards without a touchdown with an even split of two receptions for 19 yards in each game. There’s the common saying that “no one cares about your fantasy football team” (which is true), but that doesn’t change the fact that many who participate in fantasy football are displeased with this.

Atlanta Falcons coach Arthur Smith had some thoughts when asked about Pitts’ production after the Falcons did a great job of integrating rookie wideout Drake London.

“Kyle is such an important piece, and we go after him or he is targeted and other guys made plays,” Smith told reporters. ‘So, you know, it was like a perfect example. You targeted him on one and if they cover him or they account for him, then [receiver KhaDarel] Hodge comes in there and makes a big play. It happened a few times things like that.

“It’s not fantasy football. We’re just trying to win, and we’ll continue to look at everything and try to get better.”

Based on Smith’s comments, it sounds like Pitts will get more opportunities to be a playmaker and that his production will increase. It will be interesting to see how that plays out as the Falcons face the Seattle Seahawks up next on Sunday.