Florida’s equipment staff has Gators fans buzzing thanks to a 15-second video posted on Wednesday.

The equipment staff’s official account tweeted, “Nothing like restocking the game pant inventory with some clean ones” accompanied by a brief video of someone flipping through a pile of game pants. As you can see, the pile shows white pants, then orange pants and then apparent black pants with a blue stripe.

The reveal of black comes off more like a carefully planned tease (as evidenced by the fan reaction above) than an accidental reveal. Florida has never worn black jerseys in football, though coach Dan Mullen hinted at the possibility not too long ago.

“I love our traditional uniform. I’m not against throwback jerseys, or roll-out black jerseys one day or something of that nature,” Mullen said at a press conference ahead of the Auburn game, when the Gators wore 1960s-style throwback jerseys. Many other UF sports teams, including men’s basketball, baseball and softball, have worn black jerseys.

With LSU’s preference of wearing white at home, Florida does have the opportunity to sport black uniforms on Saturday night. We should find out UF’s Saturday uniform combo soon enough.