Despite leading Florida to a 24-20 win over in-state rival Miami, Gators QB Feleipe Franks has faced his share of criticism from fans.

The redshirt junior returning starter was responsible for all three Florida touchdowns (two passing, one rushing), but also responsible for three turnovers (two interceptions, one fumble). After he scored the third touchdown, which would prove to be the game’s deciding score, Franks mugged for the camera to celebrate.

Franks’ rushing touchdown celebration rubbed some fans the wrong way, as did his crowd interaction during the game and post-game celebratory punt.

On Tuesday, reporters met with Franks after practice. He was asked about the “looking into the camera” celebration in particular. Franks says that’s just who he is. Per the transcript shared by Gator Country’s Nick de la Torre:

Q: People were upset with you looking into the camera and stuff like that. Do you feel like that’s part of what makes you who you are? Do you need that in some ways?

Franks: “Yeah, I don’t need anybody’s approval. I’m myself; I’m my own person. At the end of the day, that’s what makes me who I am. People inside this building know who I am, know what kind of person I am. Humble. Try to be the best teammate I can be be, always put the team first. I’m a passionate player. I love to win. Winning is my No. 1 goal and we won, we got the job done. We won.”

Franks’ famous “shushing his own fans” moment last season is often cited as the moment he “flipped a switch” and became a different player. One thing’s for sure, fans of Florida and rivals alike will be watching what Franks does after every future touchdown – and they’ll probably be tweeting about him.