There is a segment of the Florida fan base that wants to see a change in the men’s basketball program and the Gators move on from coach Mike White.

That sentiment has only escalated by the Gators having a third straight exit from the NCAA Tournament in the Round of 32, and a slew of players leaving for the NBA or entering the transfer portal. But Athletics Director Scott Stricklin is not in that camp, and addressed the program during a recent segment with Sportscene with Steve Russell.

“I’ve had several conversations with coach White,” Stricklin said, per Swamp247. “It’s not unusual, we always talk at the end of the year: what went well and what we need to work on. We do that with all of our coaches, not just coach White. Had really productive conversations. I think the world of Mike. I’m really excited about his future here. I think he’s going to be the head coach of the Florida Gators for a long, long time.”

Stricklin is well aware of the transfer issue in college basketball, especially as it relates to the SEC.

“I looked this morning: There are 40 players in the SEC currently in the transfer portal, and 10 of the 14 schools have multiple players in the transfer portal,” he said. “I know Gator fans thought that Florida’s had a lot this year. We’re not the most. There’s two or three other schools that have had more players in the portal this year than the Gators have. It’s something I think every coach is going to have to be dealing with. I think Mike is well-positioned to get out there. I know he’s had a lot of conversations with a lot of those young men who are in the portal and looking for a new home and considering Florida.”