Many around the college football world have advocated for the expansion of the College Football Playoff to get more teams involved. Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin is one of them.

Stricklin wants to see more teams get an opportunity to participate in the CFP, and during an appearance on The Paul Finebaum Show on Tuesday, he made it clear why he feels that way.

“Our college football postseason isn’t as meaningful as it should be,” Stricklin said on the show.

This isn’t the first time that Stricklin, a former member of the CFP selection committee, has expressed this sentiment.

In January, Stricklin said that the sport needs to find a way to make the postseason “more meaningful” (per Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel). Stricklin cited the fact that many players choose to opt out of non-CFP bowl games, even the others included in the New Year’s Six, showing the lack of importance outside of the Playoff.

Since the College Football Playoff was implemented for the 2014 season, many of the same programs have been the only ones getting an opportunity to play for the national championship. Over those seven seasons, Alabama and Clemson have each made it six times, while Ohio State and Oklahoma have each been four times.

Florida has never made the CFP. But if the system was expanded to include 12 or 16 teams, there would be more opportunity for others. And Stricklin believes it would bring greater importance to the postseason.

It will be interesting to see whether all this discussion around CFP expansion will lead to it happening, and if so, when it could potentially take place.