The Florida Gators are trying to turn around a football program that struggled mightily in 2017 after a string of good years.

However, the team itself won’t be the only thing getting a facelift, as AD Scott Stricklin revealed that the Gators are planning on renovating Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, also known as The Swamp.

According to an AP report, a good deal of those renovations will focus on seating, as Stricklin said fans value quality over quantity these days:

“There was a time when, probably when the north end zone (section) was done in the early ’90s, when seat count is all anyone cared about,” Stricklin said last week. “Just cram as many people as possible in there. Obviously that is not (the case) when you talk to people who do facilities and stadiums these days.

“That’s not as important as quality and making sure you’re creating an environment that people want to come and participate in. The days of fans being OK sitting three hours on a piece of aluminum, I think, are gone. So we’ve got to find ways to upgrade the overall quality.”

Stricklin did not discuss when such a project would either start or finish, but it’s something that is clearly on his to-do list.

The Swamp hasn’t been renovated since 2003, so it’ll be interesting to see what the stadium looks like in the next few years.