As more and more states are starting to issue mandatory quarantines to citizens amid an outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, it’s worth wondering if we’ll even be able to play football this fall.

Unless people take the shelter-in-place orders seriously, the 2020 season could indeed be in jeopardy.

What would that mean for the NCAA? Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel spoke with Florida AD Scott Stricklin and UCF AD Danny White and both are concerned about not having football this fall:

“For right now, it’s all manageable,” Stricklin says of the coronavirus pandemic that has shut down sports, “but the question your mind goes to really quickly is if this lasts into another school year. From a financial standpoint, if we’re not playing football games in the fall, it will shake the foundation of college athletics. As everyone knows, football pays for the enterprise to go forward.”

Says White: “Financially, it would be devastating. … I don’t know what would happen or how it would play out if we didn’t play football this fall.”

The NCAA Tournament — both men’s and women’s — and all spring sports have already been canceled by the NCAA. Let’s hope this outbreak is contained in time for fall sports to take place as scheduled.