Florida Gators fans were surprised in July when women’s basketball coach Cam Newbauer resigned for “personal reasons” just over a month after being extended. A bombshell report from UF student newspaper The Independent Florida Alligator reveals why Newbauer exited the program.

In The Alligator report, 5 players describe an abusive environment in Newbauer’s program, such as throwing balls and screaming at players during practice. The players also said injuries were overlooked and questioned by Newbauer. The Alligator report also states that one player attempted suicide. She eventually quit the team and went back home. The report alleges Newbauer also pulled a scholarship due to performance on the court.

Newbauer was hired by Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin in March 2017. Stricklin was asked for comment on The Alligator report Monday. Stricklin acknowledged that concerns were brought to his attention “at times” during Newbauer’s tenure. Stricklin said that “each time” the situation was addressed with Newbauer. Stricklin said it was Newbauer’s decision to resign in July.

Stricklin announced extensions for Newbauer, men’s basketball coach Mike White and football coach Dan Mullen on June 1. When Newbauer resigned in July, Stricklin wish Newbauer well in a release:

“We wish all the best to Cam and Sarah and their family. We appreciate their efforts during their time here, and we know Cam worked incredibly hard for the Gators and brought a high level of energy to the job.”