Billy Napier has delivered on a robust salary pool, as Florida released compensation figures for the first-year coach’s staff with the Gators.

Offense coordinator Rob Sale and co-defensive coordinators Sean Spencer and Patrick Toney will make seven-figure salaries, according to reports of contracts the Gators shared Friday.

Napier and the Gators spent $6.325 million of a $7.5 million pool for his 10 on-field assistants. Strength and conditioning coach Mark Hocke will make $750,000. Off the field, Florida gave Napier another $5 million pool to hire his support staff.

All of the assistants signed two-year contracts.

Here’s a breakdown of the rest of the assistants:

Cornerbacks coach Corey Raymond $725,000
Outside linebackers coach Mike Peterson $550,000
Wide receivers coach Keary Colbert $500,000
Running backs coach Jabbar Juluke $450,000
Inside linebackers coach Jay Bateman $425,000
Tight ends coach William Peagler $425,000
Offensive line coach Darnell Stapleton $250,000

Napier’s salary is $7.1 million and increases by $100,000 each year. The compensation also includes common perks, such as the use of two luxury cars, a suite for football games and personal use of the University Athletic Association’s jets. He also has the potential to make more than $1.5 million in annual bonuses, including $1 million for winning a national championship.