College football is enamored with Alabama, LSU and Tennessee from the SEC. If not Tennessee in the East, most like Georgia.

So, how is defending SEC East champion Florida being overlooked? It’s an interesting question. Most of it has to do with how poorly Florida finished against Florida State, Alabama and Michigan last season, and some of it surrounds the quarterback position.

However, CBS Sports’ Tom Fornelli believes the Florida Gators are the SEC’s biggest darkhorses this season, and I agree with him.

Fornelli mentions it may be premature to just pencil in the win for the Vols over the Gators, and he loves the Gators’ defense, which could be better than last season. “With a strong defense, and an offense that should be much closer to the early season Gators team we saw — if not better — I believe the Gators have a very good chance of getting to Atlanta, and once they get there, it’s just one game,” Fornelli wrote.

A couple things I like about the Gators: 1. defense and 2. schedule. The Gators’ defensive line will be very good, along with the secondary, and the toughest games could be road games against Tennessee and Arkansas. LSU, Missouri and South Carolina all fall at home, and the Gators will be ready for Georgia in Jacksonville.