Florida might have an edge in the recruiting arms race in the form of a wraparound LED screen that extends to the ceiling and is apparently going to produce the best visit photos in the country.

Those visit photos are everything. The recruit in town wants to look great. The program hosting him and his family wants him to hype up the photos on social media. So teams go all out to make the photoshoot as flashy as possible.

While others need sets, the Gators apparently just need a massive and immersive LED screen from local Vū Technologies.

Five-star 2024 quarterback commit DJ Lagway was in town this weekend and got to use the setup. His father shared a little behind-the-scenes clip on Twitter, saying Lagway is the first recruit to shoot with the studio.

It’s something to behold.

And the photos that came from it are just amazing.

You could make the case those look better than the edits you see floating around social media. If Florida is going to have regular access to that kind of tech, it’s not overselling it to say it could be a difference-maker on the recruiting trail. Every little bit helps, and having more cool stuff than the other guy certainly doesn’t hurt your chances to impress recruits.

Vū Techologies has bookable studios in Orlando and Tampa, as well as Las Vegas and Nashville, Tennessee. The digital video studio company began in Tampa in 2020. The Orlando studio opened last September.