The Florida Gators and Miami Hurricanes will face off on Aug. 24 in the biggest “Week 0” matchup in recent memory.

Ahead of the game, shots are already being fired, and the latest comes from a member of the Gators.

On Tuesday, redshirt freshman LB/DE Andrew Chatfield didn’t hold back when explaining why he doesn’t view the Hurricanes as a serious threat to the Gators (via 247Sports):

“Well, I don’t really see them as a challenge,” Chatfield said. “I just see them as another team really, because I feel like my whole team, we face SEC teams, big-boy teams. They faced one SEC team, and they got smashed by LSU last time I checked. But it’s whatever though, it’s just another game.”

You can bet the Hurricanes will pass those comments around, so we’ll see if Chatfield and the Gators can back up that talk.

Yes, the Hurricanes lost to LSU last season, but 2019 is a new year, and anything can happen.