Change could soon be coming to Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. At least that’s the plan, according to Florida Athletic Director Scott Stricklin.

Stricklin recently sat down with Pat Dooley of The Gainesville Sun for a lengthy Q&A story which is worth checking out for all Gator fans. Among the wide range of topics addressed in the article are planned renovations to Florida’s football stadium.

Florida’s AD shared that the school may update some of the seats at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in a way to further compensate season ticket holders.

“For one thing you want to give the people a reward for season ticket holders and give them more room. That’s one of the things we want to do is expand seat width for season ticket holders and put chair backs in where we can. We’d rather do that at one time rather than piecemeal,” Stricklin said in the story.

In order to do so, the seating capacity of the stadium would have to be reduced, which is something Stricklin and Florida are prepared to do.

The way Stricklin sees it, the trend in Gainesville, if not nationally around college football, is that visiting fans aren’t showing up in the numbers they once did. Decreasing the number of tickets reserved for fans traveling to Gainesville along with Florida’s opponent makes a great deal of sense all the way around, in that case.

“We want to be north of 75,000 (total attendance). Essentially, we have 88,000 seats. Of those, we hold 8,000 for the visitors. The way visiting teams travel now that’s probably 5,000 seats too many so right there you get rid of 5,000 seats and you’d never miss them because visitors aren’t coming,” Stricklin said.

In this scenario, Florida and Gator fans may win all the way around. Less reserved seating would go to waste and the die-hard Florida fans that show up rain or shine would have a better experience inside the Swamp.