If you have been confused by the high volume of Florida fans tweeting out about the number 14,000 on Thursday, you are not alone. The explanation, however, is pretty simple. The “14,000” tweets are the latest jab thrown this offseason in the feud between Florida and Georgia fans online.

Still wondering where 14,000 is coming from?

Georgia’s last national title was won on Jan. 1, 1981 following the 1980 college football season. Jan. 1, 1981 was exactly 14,000 days ago.

One can only hope the actual game this season in Jacksonville between Florida and Georgia lives up to the hype next season as the weather outside isn’t the only thing getting warmer, the daily back and forth between the two SEC fan bases continues to get more and more heated with each passing day.

Here is just a small sampling of the many “14,000” tweets being posted on Twitter on Thursday: