The LSU vs. Florida rivalry has been one of the wackiest in recent SEC memory. From questionable fake field goals to punters being flagged for taunting, and the hurricane scheduling debacle of 2016, this game has seen its share of flair – and now, Florida has upped the ante by making the formidable LSU Tigers face a Homecoming crowd in The Swamp this season.

Homecoming games are usually a time of stress-free indulgence and reminiscence, as the current student fanbase throws parties and events themed at honoring those before them.

The whole evening is usually more of a dress rehearsal than an actual football game, as LSU boat raced Mizzou 42-7 and Florida also handily beat Mizzou 40-14 during their respective Homecoming games last season.

Florida is making a bold move in 2017, however, in scheduling an LSU squad that has beaten the Gators five out of the last seven times.

If history is to be any guide, however, the Gators have a 67-24-2 record in Homecoming games all-time, which includes a 25-3 mark since 1989. Additionally, the last time Florida scheduled LSU for their Homecoming game was October 12, 1996, a 56-13 win for the Gators.

All of this recent hate started during a scheduling conflict related to Hurricane Matthew, where Florida deemed that the game could not be played in Gainesville due to the proximity of the storm. Though Matthew turned out to be less serious than expected, LSU was particularly ornery when it came to the rescheduling. The two schools finally worked out a compromise where the makeup game would be played in Tiger Stadium, and the next two dates (starting with 2017) would be played in The Swamp.

Somehow, this near-debacle left both fanbases feeling slighted, adding fuel to the fire of an already heated East vs. West recurring rivalry.

This one should be even more fun for years to come.