There are three Power 5 football teams in Florida — the Florida Gators, the Miami Hurricanes and the Florida State Seminoles — and they all hate each other.

On Sunday, though, one Miami fan took the feud to bizarre new levels, lighting a stranger’s car on fire because he didn’t like her Florida flag.

According to WTXL, Iran Walters proclaimed his Hurricane fandom upon being arrested by police:

The victim told officers that as she was walking to her car, she saw Walters randomly lighting her car on fire, so she screamed at him and he immediately ran off.

Documents say Walters set fire to the Gators’ flag, that was on the vehicle because he said he’s not a Gator, he’s a Hurricane, and doesn’t “give a d*** about the Gators.”

Walters reportedly faces charges of second-degree arson and marijuana possession.