Just when you think you’ve seen it all in college football, something new comes along and stuns you.

On this edition of incredible things seen on the college gridiron, Florida stopped LSU on third and 10 late in the game with the score tied at 34.

With under three minutes remaining in the game, the stop would have given Florida’s high-power offense the ball with plenty of time — there was 1:51 on the game clock at the time of the penalty — to drive for a game-winning field goal or touchdown.

However, after the stop, Florida defensive back Marco Wilson picked up an LSU cleat and tossed it 20 yards down the field.

Wilson was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct, which gave LSU an automatic first down.

LSU then hit a go-ahead field goal for a 37-34 lead in the game. Florida got the ball back one more time, but kicker Evan McPherson missed the kick and LSU won the game.

Check out Wilson’s mistake below: