Watching the 2017 Florida offense wasn’t easy for anyone. When it comes to scheme and approach, almost every casual observer had their own take on what should be done. One thing media members and casual fans alike could agree on was that offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier was overly predictable in his play-calling.

Now that the former coaching staff under Jim McElwain, including Nussmeier, is gone and fully replaced by Dan Mullen’s assistants, players have some freedom to voice their frustrations with the play-calling. For three seasons, OL Martez Ivey played in the Nussmeier offense. On Tuesday he conceded that even he could see how predictable the play-calls were.

Speaking to Edgar Thompson of the Orlando Sentinel, Ivey explained it in a way that’s sure to have Gators fans nodding along.

“Even my friends who know nothing about football knew what we were going to run,” Ivey told Thompson. “They were right about 95% of the time.”

Gator Nation is certainly hopeful that Mullen will mix it up more than his predecessor.