On Sunday night, one Tennessee fan kicked off Rivalry Week by launching a Go Fund Me page for “the funeral of Austin Appleby.”

Appleby will be Florida’s starting quarterback against the Volunteers after Luke Del Rio suffered an injury from a hit to his lower leg in the North Texas game. At Monday’s press conference, Appleby was asked if he was aware of the Go Fund Me, and he had a typical college student’s response: Can I use the money for food and gas?

“I’d love to get my hands on the GoFundMe if it’s NCAA approved,” Appleby said. “If they can get me some cash, that’d be awesome. I can use it. I’m getting hungry, plus I can pay for freaking gas for my scooter.”

The graduate transfer from Purdue didn’t seem bothered by the rivalry prank.

“No, it’s fun. It’s all good. It’s part of the SEC rivalry,” Appleby said. “It’s also a game week. The notifications are off, so not a whole lot of it is reaching me. It’s a lot of my friends’ comments and ‘Hey, look what they did.’ It’s all cool. I’m excited about the opportunity to go play them though.”

The Go Fund Me campaign has been removed as of Monday afternoon.