It’s been a tradition for Florida recruits to pull out a Chucky doll when they make the announcement that they’ve signed with the Gators. It’s certainly unique, and a bit creepy, when the horror movie doll makes its appearance.

But it’s nowhere near as creepy as the graphic that Florida has recently sent out to recruits. And of course, it features that Chucky doll again.

Dakota Mitchell, a 3-star safety in the 2021 class, tweeted the Chucky graphic that he received from the Gators on Wednesday, giving fans the opportunity to see it.

Mitchell shared the image on Wednesday:


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The Chucky doll tradition was started by defensive linemen earlier this decade, but it later expanded to include other positions and recruits who were making their decision to attend Florida. Now, there have been other schools to use it as well, but it originally started with the Gators.

And although that’s the case, no school has made a Chucky-themed recruiting graphic like this one from Florida. So, the Gators are still unique in that regard.