“I hope this weekend is a bloodbath, a chaotic event of carnage and domination. An FSU victory …”

Yep, you guessed it, it’s rivalry week in college football.

Friend becomes foe and family turns distant during the most important weekend for bragging rights across the nation.

Entitled ‘My Letter To UF Fans’, check out parts of this message posted Monday on Reddit from a Florida State supporter ahead of Saturday’s game:

It is thanksgiving time and it is the time for being thankful and the time for sharing. You and us, we share a lot. We share a state, we share a love for college football, heck out fan bases are made of members of the same family. Really that is what we are…family.

I always hear UF talk about FSU being our little brothers. I couldn’t agree more! Not only that but we are Miami’s little brother too. We are a younger program, we don’t have the resources you do, and our history really only dates back to the late 1970’s.

Even still, I can’t stand you. You are like the oldest brother of the family that thinks he is entitled to everything, believes he is the best but has to watch his two younger brothers wipe up his accomplishments over and over again. The older brother lashes out about how much better he is than his younger brothers and we are left there rolling our eyes. We have done more with our limited history than you have done in yours dating back to 1902. We are like the little brother that grew a few inches taller, better but still younger.

Then there is your sense of superiority. Are you the best University in Florida? It is certainly hard to argue that according to the Princeton ranks. I don’t think any FSU fan would argue. We just wish you would stop pretending to be significantly better than everyone around you. FSU is at least a close second and at best a University that challenges UF with concentrations in different degree programs. In my experience, and numerous other fans of other universities in Florida, your academic dominance is not significant. Yes, engineering, chemistry, and biology are fantastic programs but compared to the rest of Florida’s universities this is your sole dominance. As Florida’s higher education system grows one this is clear: USF, UCF, and FSU are located in places for opportunities while UF is simply not. After college you can find opportunities in Tampa, Orlando and Tallahassee. Gainesville is a small town with limited opportunities outside of working for UF, going to grad school, or moving out. Which leads me on to my next point…

The fan goes on to bash the city of Gainesville, the Florida fanbase’s arrogance and the lack of hospitality following a visit to The Swamp in 2009.

You can read the full transcript, here.