The anger on Will Muschamp’s face was obvious during and after South Carolina’s loss to Florida this past Saturday as SEC officials missed some obvious penalties by the Gators on two touchdowns.

David Pollock, speaking on the SEC Network, agreed with Muschamp.

“If I’m Muschamp, I am pissed,” he said. “I am absolutely livid. This wasn’t the only call. First of all, that is atrocious.”

The former Georgia linebacker was talking about an obvious block by a Florida wide receiver to spring open one of his teammates on a pass from Kyle Trask for an easy touchdown. The other call, a holding that went uncalled on a long touchdown run by Lamical Perine, was just as obvious.

Tyrie Cleveland, a current Gators wide receiver, was having nothing of Pollock’s anger.

Cleveland suggests that the Gators were on the other side of some home cooking by the referees in Baton Rouge in the 42-28 loss earlier in October, and there is some evidence to back him up. In this video, the receiver is clearly getting held by a Tigers defender but no flag was thrown.

Either way, we are sure the SEC Officiating Twitter account has been a fun one to monitor this week.