The rivalry week between any two programs is always a lot of fun.

Fans of the respective teams love to push the proverbial buttons of the opponent. Players and coaches can feel a tangible energy emanating from the clash, and the university is usually buzzing with excitement and anticipation.

Even columnists and writers can get into the mix.

Gainesville Sun columnist Pat Dooley appeared on ESPN’s The Paul Finebaum Show during a Monday taping. Providing┬ásome good-natured fun, Dooley ribbed a bit on the rival Volunteers — comparing them to the Kardashian family: “I call Tennessee the Kardashian’s of CFB because they look good and haven’t done anything.”

Well, the Vols certainly will look good this weekend…and the Kardashians are considered by many to be global fashion icons.

In terms of “doing anything,” the Vols are undefeated heading into the contest. A win in this game — and snapping an 11-game losing streak against the Gators in the process — certainly may change Dooley’s mind.