Frustration on the Florida offense surfaced early last week in the game against Georgia as the Gators called two timeouts of their opening possession.

The Gators called timeout with 13:13 left in the first quarter, and then two plays later with 11:42 on a drive that went eight plays, but ultimately ended on an incomplete pass on fourth down at the Georgia 40-yard line.

Coach Dan Mullen said earlier this week that a lot went into calling the timeouts, and that there was an “administrative” problem. But Gainesville Sun columnist Pat Dooley shed light on the issue in a podcast called “Dooley Noted.”

Dooley said a fan first raised the issue that some Gator players had the wrong wrist band.

“(Kyle) Trask was getting one play, the receivers were getting another, it was a disaster,” Dooley said, and later confirmed the issue. “So obviously, that’s a bad mistake. That’s a mistake that shouldn’t be happening in Week (10), that’s a mistake that shouldn’t be happening at a program like this with all the people that are running around with jobs.”

Some fans also pointed out that it was particularly embarrassing as the Gators were coming out of a bye week and seemingly should have plans like this ironed out.