It’s fair to say one penalty cost Marco Wilson more than most players will ever lose on a single penalty.

That tends to happen when you cost your team a shot at the College Football Playoff and a win in a big rivalry game with a completely unforced error.

So what exactly was going on in Wilson’s head before he tossed the shoe of LSU’s Kole Taylor? He shared that information for the first time publicly with Elizabeth Merrill of ESPN leading up to Florida’s Pro Day.

“In that type of energy, what did people expect?” Wilson said. “Like I was going to hand it back nicely to him? I was super excited and I threw it. I didn’t purposely do it; it was just a reaction. It went pretty far. I mean, I didn’t think it would go that far. But it did.”

How much of a price should a player pay for such a mistake? According to Wilson, he’s received harassment and death threats after Florida lost to LSU.

At one point, it got so bad, Wilson claims online trolls tracked down his girlfriend and started leaving her harassment on social media. She doesn’t even attend Florida, she plays soccer at Vanderbilt.

Unfortunately for Wilson, he will likely be remembered for the penalty until he makes people forget it by his performance in the NFL.