The Gators are officially geared up for Saturday’s game at Vanderbilt.

Dan Mullen’s team is a huge favorite on the road this weekend as the Gators are currently favored by over 30 points in the matchup against the Commodores (the line is -31.5 to be exact).

With Florida playing at 11 a.m. local time, the Gators may need a little extra energy to make sure they don’t overlook Vanderbilt in this game.

If you are a believer in unique uniforms having the ability to hype up a team, Florida likely made a wise decision to go with an all-white look heading into Saturday’s game.

While the white-on-white jersey selection isn’t that unique to Florida, the white helmets are a nice addition to go with the Gators’ iced out look for this matchup.

Here are some photos the team shared on Friday to reveal the team’s uniform selection for the Vanderbilt game.