Gene Chizik knows a thing or 2 about what Dan Mullen is going through and feeling right now after a 40-17 blowout loss to South Carolina.

Chizik, of course, was fired at Auburn just 2 years after winning the 2010 season’s national championship. That’s not to say that Mullen will get fired, but many are wondering if Mullen has lost the locker room and whether he’ll make it through the season as the head coach.

While on the SEC Network’s wrap-up show, Chizik said Florida is in crisis mode. Mind you, Chizik prefaced his comments explaining how he is not quick to judge because he’s been through all of it at Auburn.

“They are in crisis mode in Gainesville right now,” Chizik said “I didn’t say that last week, I said they need to win their last 4 games, and they are all winnable. Tonight was not just a loss — it was an embarrassing loss.”

Fellow SEC analyst and former Gators star Chris Doering completely changed his tune on the Florida program, too.

“It’s already been a conversation throughout the entire week,” Doering said. “Lot of criticism about the recruiting, which I kind of downplayed a little bit this week. A lot of criticism of the defense, which I kind of downplayed a little bit this week. But after what we saw today, this completely changes the narrative in my mind. Because this is a team that I thought Florida was much better than from a talent standpoint, had much more to play for at this point in the season, and for them to get beat, not only beaten, but soundly beaten up by South Carolina, says a lot, where this team is, the locker room is, and the mindset is.”

Certain areas have plagued the Gators all season, and Saturday night it all came to a head (again).

The conversation around Mullen is about to heat up in the Sunshine State.