Florida-based journalist and radio host Buddy Martin said on Tuesday that UCLA is backing off from pursuing Chip Kelly.

Martin made the comments during a Facebook Live broadcast.

He also implied that Kelly to Florida is pretty much a done deal, though he clarified that he wasn’t reporting anything as fact and noted that he’s never said a contract has been signed.

“Everything we hear and have heard today indicates to us that things are progressing as we thought they would progress,” Martin said. “It’s an hour by hour story, and it’s fluid. I just got off the phone with one of my insiders who informed us about the flights to New Hampshire. We’re getting information from several sources …

“UCLA is moving on to someplace else, according to my source,” Martin added.”There ya go. There’s a lot of other evidence out there. They don’t have the cash to get Kelly. Nobody in our group of people, who are pretty smart, has heard a single word from anybody talking about Kelly and UCLA. They haven’t heard the Kelly people talking about it. I never bought into the UCLA thing.”

Martin emphasized that he is “completely, 100 percent confident” in his sources.