South Carolina beat Florida, 23-20, on Saturday in The Swamp.

I had to interview my Bull Gator friend to get a feel for what’s going on with Gator Nation. Once again, we’ll call him Mr. Bull Gator.

So, Mr. BG, after a loss to the Gamecocks in such shocking fashion, and knowing that coach Muschamp is done, what’s the feel of Gator Nation right now?

Bull Gator: One word: apathy. That’s what I felt leaving the stadium on Saturday afternoon and that seemed like the general overall feeling. I did not hear anyone screaming, angry about the loss or complaining. I heard nothing. I saw a lot of fans with their heads down heading to their cars as quickly as possible. When that occurs to a fan base, then there is a problem. When losing becomes expected, even in such dramatic, unexpected fashion, then the program has a problem.

Of course, now we know Muschamp was let go. It had to happen. (Athletic director) Jeremy Foley saw it on the field and probably felt the same thing I did as the fans quickly exited the stadium. You just can’t continue losing to teams you should and must beat. Further, the conservative, play-not-to-lose play-calling will never bring a championship to Florida. That much is obvious. We play for championships, not third or fourth place in the SEC East.

You attended the game. Could you feel the momentum shift?

Bull Gator: Actually, no. South Carolina never had any momentum. Florida had it all along. Remember we won the game. Iced it when Treon Harris scored the touchdown late in the fourth quarter. Except it was called back for a hold on (Quinton) Dunbar. Then we iced it with the field goal. Oh, but it was blocked. Then we iced it on third-and-3 with less than a minute left. Except we predictably ran the quarterback for a loss. Finally, we put the game away with South Carolina needing a touchdown to tie with 39 seconds left with a good punt. Except it was blocked. You see, it was hard for the momentum to shift when Florida had time after time after time to put the game away. The only time I really felt the momentum shift was in overtime because we were deflated and knew we would lose. Seen the way this movie ends too many times under Muschamp.

Where do the Gators go from here? Who’s their next coach?

Bull Gator: The main concern is our recruiting class right now. It is historically one of the worst ever for Florida. The few recruits we have need to be locked up. It is likely going to be quite some time before a coach is announced. Most viable candidates will be in bowl games and thus unapproachable until after bowl season. Some names I am hearing are Chad Morris from Clemson. I know you would love that. Gary Patterson at TCU. Todd Graham at Arizona State. Chip Kelly is even being thrown around, but I think that’s a pipe dream. Nobody really knows. I do know this. Foley has a big decision to make. Booster contributions at Florida have dwindled over the last five years. Partially due to our play and partially due to things like the economy, a changing fan base and HDTV. Foley has a history of trying to find that unexpected diamond in the rough. I don’t think he has that option now. He needs a splash hire. He needs an offensive minded guy that is going to electrify Gainesville and truly bring back the Swamp.

Is Treon Harris the future for the Gators or is someone else lurking to start next year?

Bull Gator: Hard to say. Treon has sparked the team, but I really can’t say that we have seen all that he can do. He has been contained by his own coaching staff with conservative play-calling. We redshirted Will Grier, the heir apparent to Jeff Driskel. Treon really wasn’t talked about at all last year compared to Grier. Grier has more prototypical QB size. He is 6-foot-4 and came in at about 185 pounds. I think that’s why he was redshirted. He needed to bulk up a bit. Should be an interesting offseason for the Gators. I would expect a QB competition between those two. It might also depend on the system that the new coach wants to run. Treon is definitely more suited for a spread option type offense, but Grier is a pocket passer.

What will the last two games feel like?

Bull Gator: I wish I could say. I can tell you what all of Gator Nation would like to see. Take the reins off the offense. Let Kurt Roper open it up Duke style and toss the ball around. Light up the scoreboard. Who cares at this point? Muschamp is out the door with nothing to lose. If that happens, FSU should be very concerned. With our power running game and an open offense, if FSU gets down against the Gators, our defense won’t let them back in the game. Ron Zook Field in Tallahassee might just get renamed Will Muschamp Field in Tallahassee.

Lastly, do the Gators make a bowl game? If so, will you go?

Bull Gator: Yes, they only need to beat Eastern Kentucky this weekend. EKU is pretty darn good though. I think they are 9-2. They haven’t really played any big-time competition, but if the Gators come out flat and don’t play for the outgoing coach there could be a problem. As for the bowl, we usually do go. It actually depends on my youngest son’s basketball schedule. Considering we will most likely be in one of the earlier bowls, that could be a problem.