There are times when even the most veteran quarterbacks fold under pressure. For inexperienced signal-callers, that can be the case far more than not.

How will the pressure of Todd Grantham’s defense affect Miami’s redshirt freshman quarterback Jarren Williams? That remains to be seen but we will have our answer soon enough as the Gators appear poised to bring the heat on Saturday night.

During his recent media availability, Florida’s defensive coordinator — who comes with a reputation for loving to blitz, shared his thoughts on Miami’s new quarterback. While there may not be a ton of tape out on the young Hurricane in action, Todd Grantham said he was very familiar with Williams through the recruiting process.

“Yeah, well, you know, as far as he goes, I remember him from recruiting because he was in my area,” Grantham said in a YouTube video posted by Jacquie Franciulli. “I think he’s a really talented guy that had a lot of offers to a lot of schools and he chose Miami basically because the need at quarterback, which is kind of filtered into what it is now.

“He understands where to throw the ball, he can get rid of the ball on time. He’s athletic so he can extend plays. He can run quarterback run game stuff, you know quarterback runs because of his athletic ability. So, we’ve got to understand that we’ve got to leverage the guy, contain the guy and make sure that we just play our defense.”

Grantham’s comments were interesting but junior defensive lineman Kyree Campbell went a step further with his thoughts on Miami’s green quarterback and the plan to attack him.

“I’m not going to underestimate him, you feel me, but like I said, we going to come out and do what we do,” Campbell offered up. “We are going to rush him, he’s going to see a lot of stuff. He’s going to see what he’s going to see.”

Campbell then went a step further with the gameplan and offered up his opponent somewhat of a warning.

“He’s going against a team that brings a lot of pressure, so I hope he’s ready — that’s all I’m gonna say,” Campbell added.